Recreational Access Programs allow public usage of the property owner's lands for recreational purposes.  These properties and their assets are how these companies generate their revenue and that is the foremost objective. With a Recreational Access Program, we like to bring in a “close second” objective.  While it is far less expensive to mark property as “Private”, large landowners realize that there is value in allowing public access to these properties.  With these programs landowners allow recreational access that helps invoke a stewardship that educates and shares the nature that these lands provide. As large land parcels continue to disappear, the public is appreciative of the access that the landowner has provided.

Types of Recreational Access Programs:

There are many factors that play into a Recreational Access Program. Programs are customized to what the goals and needs of the property owner while taking into consideration the visitors that will be recreating on the property. This primarily breaks into two categories: Fee-Based and Non-Fee Based and essentially mean what they say.

Fee Based Recreation Access Programs

This is a program that is designed with a Pay-to-Play approach, but it goes much deeper than that. A fee-based program is put together to pay for costs of the program carried by the private property owner and the administration of such a program. These costs vary based on the nature of the owner’s goals for the program, the nature of the property, the extent of the program to be implemented, insurances and collateral damages that may be incurred by frequency of patrons and type of recreation. The “fee” is primarily to cover such costs to lessen the burden of shared access to the public by the property owner and not necessarily for profit.  These are how most of our public state and federal programs are based, difference being, is the fees are paid through funding and budgets that are tax generated rather than paid by the individual patron.

Non-Fee Based Recreation Access Program

This is a program based on a no-cost approach to the individual patrons and the cost is burdened solely by the property owner.

This approach to shared access programs mostly ends up being a program that pays for the security of a property and limits the type of recreation that can be conducted. For example, “walk-in access only."

At Axxess Recreation Management, we help the Landowner analyze and develop a program that works for them and their visitors. We see these programs through from conception to implementation and offer oversight of the programs customized to their goals.