Important Notice:

All Public Gates Are OPEN except Mt. Spokane, which will be opening on June 11.

Inland Empire Paper Company

Inland Empire Paper Company (IEP) owns over 120,000 acres of timberland in northeastern Washington and northern Idaho. Private timberlands like these provide many of the wood products used by the public. Each year IEP harvests enough trees to build 4,300 houses. We plant approximately 750,000 tree seedlings each year. Our long-term Forest Management Plan ensures that we can harvest this timber forever.  

Part of the IEP philosophy is to protect other resources that you enjoy such as fish and wildlife habitat, water quality, aesthetic values, and recreational opportunities.

Please enjoy your visit on IEP private timberlands.

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General Access Rules and Regulations

Download a copy of the IEP Rules and Regulations Booklet

IEP reserves the right to limit access at any time to prevent road damage or protect forestland during extreme fire or wet conditions. Please respect these closures.

Use only designated areas and specific entry/exit points as listed in Entry/Exit Points.

Motorized vehicles are to stay on roadways and are not allowed on any roads gated or posted “Closed”.

Observe the 25 mph maximum vehicle speed.

Respect the patrols that monitor all forestland activities.

Show permits and personal ID to IEP representatives when asked.

No dumping of refuse or other unwanted materials. Pack it in - Pack it out rule applies.

No camping is allowed.

No target shooting allowed.

No fires or fireworks are allowed.

Each vehicle is required to carry a shovel, bucket or helmet, and 4-A, B or C fire extinguisher. CB radios are strongly recommended.

Weather conditions can cause road surfaces to become unstable - use caution.

Vandalism to IEP property and logging equipment will not be tolerated and will result in prosecution.

No entry is allowed in active logging areas.

No commercial activities allowed - this is a recreational use permit only.

Group Access Rules and Regulations

IEP also offers a limited amount of organized group activities. Learn more.

An organized group is one that is incorporated and is able to purchase the required liability insurance.

Any questions may be directed to the IEP office at 509-924-1911

Spirit Lake areaLogging road on IEP propertyTwin lakes gateM42 gate in winter

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Permit Types and Costs

Family Annual Permit:
$86 plus tax
Individual Annual Permit:
$55 plus tax
Day Use Motorized Permit:
$18 plus tax
Day Use Non-Motorized Permit:
$4 plus tax